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Status: Active

California, United States (USA), North America

Candidate #401-223

Product Lead

Crypto Exchange

6+ years’ experience as a Product Manager in financial markets, with 3+ years' experience exclusively in the Crypto space.

Previously spent 1 year as a Product Manager for leading crypto firms including a large Crypto Data Management firm, and a leading Crypto Exchange/Clearing House. Here, they led the development of products and processes in areas such as AI and Data Integration as well as playing a key role in the development of a DEX project.

Most recently was Lead Product Manager for a Crypto Liquidity firm, where they led Research & Development processes prior to the launch of a leading DeFi Liquidity product.

Looking for an interesting crypto firm with a culture of curiosity, leveraging technology, and always looking for new ways of benefiting the customer.

Between $150k - $175k

Candidate #401-223

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