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Status: Active

Slovenia, Europe

Candidate #102-101

Product Manager

Crypto Exchange

5+ years as a Product Manager, with 4+ years’ experience exclusively in the Crypto Space.

Previously spent 2+ years as a Quality Assurance Lead/ Product Manager for a non-custodial digital wallet, where they helped build the wallet from scratch, leading the Quality Assurance team for the finances of the wallet, and preparing and executing testing procedures, including the wallet’s mobile applications.

Most recently spent 2+ years as a Product Manager/Delivery Manager for a prominent Crypto exchange, leading crypto infrastructure, custody, multi-chain and Asset listing teams across the firm. They also pioneered the implementation of multi-chain capability for crypto assets within the firm, enhancing platform flexibility and user satisfaction. This led to the acquisition of a six-figure grant to expand the project in 2023.

Looking for a well-established Crypto firm with interesting products and a culture of progression to help lead their product teams and help build products from 0-1.

Between $75k - $100k

Candidate #102-101

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