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Status: Active

Illinois, United States (USA), North America

Candidate #875-902

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Web3 Infrastructure

20+ years as a Marketing leader across Finance and Gaming, with 2+ years of experience exclusively within Crypto.

Most recently spent 2 years as a Chief Marketing Officer for a market-leading Crypto hardware and financial services firm. Here, they executed brand and positioning strategies, leading to a revenue growth of $50m (100% increase), achieving awards for fastest growing Crypto firm 2 years in a row. Also helped to grow website traffic by 300%.

Previously spent 4 years as a Chief Marketing Officer for a large casino gaming operator. Here, they led marketing and business development processes, as well as managing a team of over 30 people across multiple departments, such as marketing sales and art. Their strategy implementations led to a revenue growth of over $500m in 4 years (300% growth.)

Looking for a strong Crypto firm with good products, where they can provide direction and facilitate growth. Would ideally prefer a crypto-native start-up with high growth potential, or an established firm outside of crypto looking to transition into the space.

Over $250k

Candidate #875-902

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