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Status: Active

Berlin, Germany, Europe

Candidate #749-968

VP of Sales

Crypto Exchange

6+ years’ experience as an Institutional Sales Leader with 4+ years’ experience exclusively within the Crypto/Web3 space.

Spending 4+ years as a VP of Sales for a large Institutional Crypto Exchange in Europe, this candidate has directly managed a team of five sales professionals, and has signed 10+ $1MM+ volume deals in 2023 with market-leading clients in the Crypto space.

Previously spent 2+ years as the Operations Lead of the same Crypto exchange, leading the development of operational workflows and supporting new product launches.

Looking for an ambitious project with a large firm in the crypto space, that has a global presence and are potentially looking to expand their reach. Happy to act as a leader or be more of a hands-on sales/operations expert, depending on how exciting the product is.

Between $125k - $150k

Candidate #749-968

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