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Status: Active

Lisbon, Portugal, Europe

Candidate #129-922

Administrative Assistant

Crypto Policy

3+ years’ experience as an Administrative and Research expert and 2+ years’ experience in Financial Compliance & Sales – 1 year experience exclusively in the Crypto space.

Most recently spent 1 year as an Administrator & Research Assistant for a Crypto Consultancy, leading public affairs and Crypto regulatory development in multiple European countries, as well as assisting with scaling client base through their business development efforts.

Previously spent 18 months as a Compliance Specialist for a multinational bank, where they handled bank transfers and issued documentation, as well as conducting research on topics such as financial embargos, sanctions and regulations.

Looking for a Crypto firm with strong direction and a culture of teamwork and leadership where they can maximise their collection of skills throughout Admin, Sales and Research.

Under $50k

Candidate #129-922

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