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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Middle-East (MENA)

Candidate #452-977

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Blockchain Consultancy

20+ years’ experience as a Software Engineer, including 18+ years working for a multinational technology firm, with 2+ years specialising in the Crypto space.

Spent 2+ years as the Co-founder & CTO of a FinTech consulting agency, developing digital platforms and enterprise systems for multiple high-profile clients globally.

Most recently spent 18 months leading a Crypto/FinTech Research & Development organisation as a CTO. Here they led a 50-member technical team, building several products such as a Crypto wallet and a Blockchain EdTech platform, while also reducing monthly operational cost by 7%.

Looking for an ambitious Crypto-focused tech firm, with strong products and direction to help lead their technical development and expand their influence on the market.

Between $150k - $175k

Candidate #452-977

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