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Status: Active

Sao Paulo, Brazil, South America (LATAM)

Candidate #909-111

Content Marketer

Crypto Exchange

4+ years’ experience as an Institutional LATAM Marketing expert with 3+ years’ experience exclusively within the Crypto/Web3 space.

Began their career in the Crypto space joining a Crypto Journalism firm in Brazil. Helping to develop their marketing strategy, they lead a growth of 0 – over 1 million unique monthly readers per month, including a growth of 450% increase in 1 quarter. Previously spent 1+ years as part of a large institutional Crypto exchange in China, helping to develop their SEO strategy and growth marketing function in Brazil.

This led to a 60% growth of LATAM focused website traffic through content creation and social media presence. Currently developing content marketing and growth strategy in LATAM region for a US-based Fintech firm, leading to a 27% increase in website traffic in Brazil in 1 year.

Currently looking to return to the Crypto space, they are looking for an exciting project, preferably with a large firm outside of Brazil looking to move into the LATAM market, to assist with their growth marketing and content creation and develop their client base.

Under $50k

Candidate #909-111

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