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Status: Active

Berlin, Germany, Europe

Candidate #278-671

Product Designer

Web3 Infrastructure

11+ years’ experience as a Product Designer with 3+ years’ experience exclusively within the Crypto space.

Most recently spent 3+ years as a Senior Product Designer for a prominent Blockchain Development firm. Here, they helped develop a multi-signature platform for one of the world’s most recognisable blockchains, whilst also developing a new Web3 Design system, and maintaining utilities and onboarding processes.

Previously spent 3+ years for one of the world’s most recognisable technology brands as a Product Designer, where they helped develop the Product UI toolkit and upgrade Figma components to help build the overall product design structure.

Looking for a firm with a culture and desire to make Web3 relatable, where they can help use their Product knowledge to solve problems in the market. Likes a firm with products that are live and buildable and wants to help scale products from 0-1.

Between $75k - $100k

Candidate #278-671

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