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Status: Active

Barcelona, Spain, Europe

Candidate #374-692

Product Design Lead

Crypto Exchange

12+ years as a Product/UX Designer with 5+ years of leadership experience and 4+ years exclusively in the Crypto space.

Most recently spent 4+ years with one of the largest Crypto Trading platforms in the world, initially joining as a Senior Designer before progressing to Lead Product Designer. Here, they led a team of designers focusing on the development of the firm’s first internal staking products. They also assisted with the scaling of the team, hiring 4 new designers during their tenure.

They previously spent 1 year as a UX team lead for a Product Experience firm, where they led creative direction of client pitches and projects, using user research, competitive analysis, user journey mapping, and interface design, to create strong, interactive pitches for clients.

Looking for an exciting, well-established firm with strong Web3/DeFi products, where they can use their experiences to lead teams and build and launch new products. Especially likes firms with a clear roadmap, who have strong ambitions and have an ideal growth plan in place.

Between $100k - $125k

Candidate #374-692

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