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Status: Active

London, United Kingdom (UK), Europe

Candidate #650-811

VP of Engineering

Web3 Infrastructure

20+ years’ experience as a Software Engineer with 13+ years of Engineering leadership experience, and 2+ years’ experience solely in the Crypto space.

Most recently spent 2+ years as the Head of Platform and Integrations for a leading Web3 Infrastructure firm. Here, they not only scaled integrations across the company’s full product line by 400%, and reduced integration timeframe by 200%, but also led the scaling of the team from a headcount of 20 to 80+.

Previously spent 3+ years as Head of Customer Engineering for an AI-powered Integration Platform, where they scaled a team of 10 engineers into a cross-functional department of 7 teams and 38+ Managers and ICs between Engineering, QA, Project management and Business Analysis. They also led the development and internal processes of the team, leading to productivity per capita of the team being doubled in just one quarter.

Looking for a hands-off, leadership focused role in the Crypto space where they can use their extensive management and integrations experience to lead and scale their engineering teams. Previously held roles in Europe and the US, and is open to roles in both regions.

Over $250k

Candidate #650-811

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