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Status: Active

Singapore, Asia-Pacific (APAC)

Candidate #419-971

Business Development Lead

Web3 Infrastructure

6+ years’ experience as a Business Development specialist with 3+ years of leadership experience in Crypto-focused positions.

Most recently spent 2+ years as a Business Development Lead for a prominent DEX Aggregator, leading a team of 5 in developing their BD strategy, leading to the firm closing several deals with DeFi giants in Europe and the US. They also led the firm’s fund-raising efforts, generating $1.6m in grants from leading blockchains in the market.

Previously spent 1 year as a Co-Founder of a Digital Technology firm leveraging product distribution to generate revenue of $20k+ per month. Here, they led Business Development and Marketing efforts for the firm, partnering with multiple manufacturers and logistics firms, and building relationships with over 50 influencers with communities of between 20k – 3m on social media, leading to over 1m product views on Pinterest per month.

Looking for a dynamic and diverse firm partnering with blockchains and DeFi projects to help lead their business development efforts in the space. Most of their network is based in the western world, therefore, they are looking for a European or US-based firms looking for a contact in APAC. Also open to US/EU firms with established offices in APAC.

Between $75k - $100k

Candidate #419-971

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