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Status: Active

Texas. United States (USA), North America

Candidate #825-754

Head of Finance

Blockchain Analytics

20+ years of experience as a Finance and Operations Leadership expert in TradFi institutions, transitioning into digital assets in 2022.

Previously spent 3+ years as a Director of Global Operations for the SaaS subsidiary of a multinational banking corporation, where they developed an automation tool that increased sales by $7m during COVID with no additional headcount.

Most recent role was as Head of Finance of a global Crypto Risk and Compliance platform, aiding the co-founders with financial and strategic direction, and managing monthly capital, leading to a reduction of 40% in expenses and cash burn.

Looking for an exciting Web3 Finance position in a startup with a stable environment. They are looking for an opportunity to have a voice in the space and is looking to take on a leadership position.

Between $200k - $225k

Candidate #825-754

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