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Status: Active

Athens, Greece, Europe

Candidate #277-120

Marketing Manager

Web3 Gaming

4+ years as a Marketing/Events Specialist with 2+ years exclusively within the Crypto space.

Previously spent 2+ years as a Head of Marketing for a Web3 Gaming platform, onboarding and leading a 4-person marketing team. Here, they led digital marketing strategy across multiple social media platforms, developing a community of over 100k followers. They also led the development and management of Blockchain partnerships and events across the Web3 and gaming space, developing new partnerships of 30+ market-leading firms in one year. Finally, they were able to play a leading role in the development and execution of marketing campaigns, including a campaign that increased token prices by 16%, and developing a global gaming tournament with over 1,000+ participants.

Previously spent 1 year as an Events Coordinator for a specialist Events Management firm, where they were able to develop Event planning and execution strategy for large European events. They were also able to continue this experience into the Web3 space, participating in 20+ Web3 exclusive events across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Looking for an exciting, Web3 native firm within the NFT, Tokenisation or Digital Finance space to help lead their growth marketing, social media or events efforts.

Between $50k - $75k

Candidate #277-120

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