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Status: Active

Illinois, United States (USA), North America

Candidate #520-098

Backend Engineer

Web3 Infrastructure

9+ years’ experience as a Backend Engineer, specialising in GoLang and Javascript, with 5+ years exclusively in the Crypto space.

Most recently spent 5+ years as a Backend Engineer for a Crypto hardware startup as the firm’s first technical hire to help migrate the entire backend system from Ruby-on-Rails to Go. They also led the development of the Compliance’s department services, and tools, as well as building and maintaining a variety of financial systems to support the digital currency business.

Previously spent 1 year as a Full-Stack Web Developer for a Software Development firm, where they used ReactJS and PHP to develop a new website structure for the company rewards programme, including developing programmes replicating the look and feel of iOS and Android apps.

Looking for an exciting technical firm in the crypto space looking to innovate and solve problems, where they can help manage and develop their backend technology. Has a large amount of startup experience due to their nature to cover more ground than their role requires but would also be open to a large corporation.

Between $125k - $150k

Candidate #520-098

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