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Candidate #448-921

Product Lead

Blockchain Analytics

6+ years’ as a Product Manager exclusively in the crypto space, having made their transition from TradFi Investment Banking & Strategy Consulting.

Previously spent 2+ years as a Senior Product Manager for a leading Crypto Broker and Exchange, where they led the development of products and processes in areas such as token listings including the conceptualization & launch of in-house tokens, staking, user onboardings, crypto-fiat on & off ramps as well as playing a key role in the development of a DEX project.

Most recently was Lead Product Manager for a Blockchain Analytics Company, where they led the Product Department, managing the other Product Managers, and overseeing the full process from product strategy & discovery, transforming user requirements into user stories, and overseeing Quality Assurance and delivery.

Looking for an interesting crypto firm with an open culture towards working and feedback, working with cross-functional teams, and always looking for innovative ways of benefiting the user.

Between $150k - $175k

Candidate #448-921

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