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Status: Active

Liverpool, United Kingdom (UK), Europe

Candidate #816-734

Compliance Manager

Crypto Exchange

10+ years' experience in the financial crime sector, this candidate brings extensive experience from prominent banking institutions, coupled with over three years of immersion in the crypto space.

Previously spent 1 year as a Senior Financial Crime Analyst at one of the pioneering FCA-regulated crypto exchanges globally. Here, they successfully managed all KYC, EDD, and CDD processes, as well as overseeing Risk Migration and implementing Fraud Prevention strategies.

Most recently, the candidate spent 1 year time as a Global Compliance Officer at a leading global crypto exchange where they led an independent Compliance Monitoring Team. They helped to generate evidence-based reports for senior stakeholders, as well as implemented and developed a new Financial Crime Awareness Initiative which resulted in their firm playing a key role in the launch of a global FinCrime forum.

The candidate is actively seeking opportunities with established crypto firms that boast compelling products and foster a robust compliance culture. While they are eager to contribute to the growth of internal processes, they are equally comfortable implementing innovative strategies to enhance overall effectiveness.

Between $75k - $100k

Candidate #816-734

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