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United States/USA, Canada, Mexico, Remote

$100k - $210k

DeFi Trading Firm


Cloud Engineer - Golang (Closed)

BlockRec is excited to partner with a North American firm looking to pioneer the future of decentralized trading. They are looking to hire a Cloud Engineer with solid Golang experience to join their growing tech team. You will play a vital role in developing and maintaining their backend infrastructure.

Their tech stack includes Go, Kubernetes, Terraform, Docker, and Wireguard.

This firm offers competitive compensation ranging from $100k to $210k + stock options, comprehensive healthcare coverage, and a flexible vacation policy. They're hiring remotely across North America.


- 2+ years of Golang experience and expertise in cloud tools like Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

- Ideal candidates have deep experience in cloud-native applications, familiarity with monitoring tools like Grafana, and thrive in an independent, fast-paced environment.

- You'll lead the development of high-performance Go applications, integrate open-source solutions, and optimize resource utilization.

They're looking for individuals passionate about revolutionizing DeFi, obsessed with customer experience, and capable of handling both high-level strategy and detailed implementation.

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