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Quebec, Ontario, Toronto (Remote), Canada

$80k - $150k

Web3 Software Development Firm

Web3 Infrastructure

Rust Developer - Smart Contracts (Closed)

This firm specializes in software development working within projects in web3 and emerging technologies. They are currently seeking a skilled Rust Developer passionate about Blockchain technology to join their team. The ideal candidate has worked on and shipped web3 projects in DeFi and has written smart contracts from scratch.


- Write code primarily in Rust and/or other backend languages.
- Architect and develop scalable blockchain-based applications.
- Utilize Substrate for developing specialized modules for custom blockchain platforms.
- Contribute to research on blockchain traits, solutions, trends, and security measures.
- Develop and maintain automated tests, identifying security risks.
- Provide accurate timing estimates and contribute to technical documentation.
- Collaborate on technical solutions and propose innovative ideas.


- Previous involvement in enterprise-grade solutions for specialized platforms.
- Minimum one year of professional Rust programming experience.
- Proficiency in setting up environments from scratch.
- Strong understanding of security best practices.
- Proactive, self-motivated, and collaborative team player.
- Ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.
- Familiarity with agile methodologies.


- Knowledge of GraphQL, Ethereum nodes, and Ethereum JSON-RPC API.
- Experience with Cosmwasm and Ethereum, Polkadot/Kusama, Solana, or Cosmos.
- Bilingual proficiency in English and French preferred.


- Competitive salary and health benefits package.
- Relaxed work environment with flexible hours.
- Generous sick days policy.
- Dental, vision, and other benefits included.

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