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Remote, Europe and APAC

$100k - $120k

Metaverse Project

Web3 Gaming

Shader Artist (Closed)

We are please to announce our partnership with a Web3 Gaming firm that is working on one of the largest Metaverse projects using Unreal engine and has tasked us with finding a Shader Artist with AAA gaming experience. In this role, you'll leverage your expertise in Unreal and various artist software like Substance Painter, and Zbrush to craft/optimize shaders for assets and landscapes within their new project.


- Work in tandem with Art Directors, Technical Artists, and Developers to understand technical requirements and enhance pipeline efficiency.
- Collaborate closely with the Art Department team during the crucial 'look development phase' to create shaders for assets and landscapes in alignment with artistic style.
- Develop shaders and procedural textures based on reference artwork, paint overs, and look development target imagery under the supervision of the Art Director.
- Contribute to the creation of high-quality shaders for human characters and fantasy elements, meeting the expectations set by the Art Director.
- Apply knowledge of shader optimization for memory and frame rate budgets.
- Conduct research on new shader development techniques and integrate them into production.
- Summarize documentation and work for effective internal and outsourcing communication within the team.

Your Experience:

- Over 5 years of shader development experience in the gaming industry, with a track record of at least one AAA game shipped on PC or console in the last 5 years.
- Extensive experience in shader development for Unreal, using all its shading tools (Node, Blueprint, HLSL, etc.).
- Proficient in Maya, Photoshop, Z-Brush, Mudbox, or equivalent software for over 5 years.
- Desired development experience, such as C++ programming.


- Solid understanding of shading, texturing, and look development from both visual and technical perspectives.
- Strong experience in developing and compiling shaders within Unreal.
- Familiarity with OpenGL GLSL/HLSL and experience with complex shaders (Water, Foliage, etc.).
- Strong organizational and communication skills, with fluency in English.

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